We specialise in custom computer builds that perfectly match your business needs.

That’s because our technicians have more than 10+ years experience.

They know how to build your computer for outstanding performance and reliability. We also offer standard builds that are suitable for many business applications and industries.

At Techs Onsite we focus on selling only the best components so that nothing ever has to come back for repair. As a result, in the past 14 years, we have built thousands of computers and pride ourselves on superior hardware knowledge.

We also offer software sales and support to improve your business productivity. If you aren’t sure what you need, our qualified systems engineers can recommend the right solution.

Please call us for a no-obligation quote or submit a request below!

    Hard Drive(s)
    Please select the Hard drives you would like. SSDs are typically 4x faster than Sata drives and we recommend you select one of these as your primary HDD. Sata drives are best suited to be secondary storage drives.
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