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Server Maintenance


Server Details

  • Please list the names of all the servers you are performing maintenance on. Maintenance must also be performed on server host if this is a VM environment. In particular: check how much free space the host has.

Check Backups

  • Do not forget to check the customers offsite backup if they have one, it is the most important backup.
  • If the customer does not have an offsite backup please speak to them about setting one up before you leave!

System Cleanup


Event Viewer

  • Open up event viewer on the server and look for any obvious problems and perform the required fix.

Hard Disk / RAID Check



  • If the customer does not have antivirus please speak to them about buying one before leaving.

Windows Update

  • Do not forget to login and restart the server remotely after hours if need be. Please set and alarm on your phone now to remind you. Servers that have not been restarted after updates cause problems!
  • Please make sales recommendations or note any opportunities to add value. Does the customer need an upgrade, offsite backup, phone services, better wifi or switch?
  • Please make sure you perform all of the checks on this maintenance form. If you cannot do so you must give a reason why and initiate a remedy yourself. If you cannot check the RAID status - setup iLo so you can etc. no excuses!